Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews- Don’t Buy Before Reading!

Neuro Balance Therapy Reviews

The practise of Neuro-Balance Therapy is now widely used. Many of you have written to me about the positive results you’ve noticed after using this product. Thus, I have strong feelings regarding this application and will provide any and all information I own about it in my review.

After having both my hips and knees replaced when I was in my 60s, I found that my sense of balance was off. I would frequently sleep on the sofa rather to take the risk of descending the stairs. Because of these spike ball balance exercises, I now have more strength, stability, and mobility in my feet and legs.
This evaluation of Neuro-Balance Therapy is, therefore, intended for you or a loved one who is experiencing similar difficulties with maintaining your equilibrium. Read this whole review to learn more about it, including how it works, who made it, whether or not it’s any good, and where to get it.
Now then, let’s get this evaluation underway.

What is Neuro Balance Therapy?

Improve your strength, balance, and stability with Neuro-Balance Therapy and lessen your risk of injury from slips and falls. When this is done, the body’s innate capacity to walk and develop strength, stability, and balance is restored.

Every morning, you’ll need to do this easy 10-15 minute programme to stimulate the deep peroneal nerve in your foot. All the functions of the lower body’s muscles are supposedly under the direction of this nerve, as stated by the author.

Gentle, soft, and light stretches may be done at home with the help of the Neuro-Balance Therapy software. A sturdy chair and a nerve-awakening spike ball may be delivered right to your house and used for these routines instead of pricey gym equipment.

Chris Wilson, the program’s developer, has split it into three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) so that participants may work at their own pace regardless of their starting fitness level. Doing these workouts on a daily basis will provide the finest benefits.

How does Neuro Balance Therapy work?

Neuro-Balance Therapy is effective because it helps restore the body’s innate mobility.

Neuro-Balance Therapy may help you feel strong, solid, and balanced with each step thanks to its comprehensive range of workouts, exercises, and at-home treatments.

As was previously indicated, the deep peroneal nerve is the intended focus of Neuro-Balance Therapy. This nerve was developed to help individuals of all ages and walks of life maintain their equilibrium throughout time.

In addition, all it takes to reap the benefits of Neuro-Balance Therapy is a daily investment of a few minutes. You may do the exercises while watching television.

Anyone may utilise the Neuro-Balance Therapy programme from the comfort of their own home by simply following the simple videos included in the programme.

Benefits of Neuro Balance Therapy

The official website for Neuro-Balance Therapy lists the following potential advantages:

  • This quick, 10 second procedure might save your life.
  • Scientific Method from a Certified Balance Specialist
  • Avoid the expense and inconvenience of medical attention by not seeing a chiropractor, physical therapist, or medical doctor.
  • You may forego the use of orthotics or other assistive devices like a cane.
  • Never go to the gym if you can help it.
  • Perform easy at-home routines to regain your footing.
  • The overarching purpose of Neuro-Balance Therapy is to enable you to reclaim your life from constant worry and anxiety at home.
  • With Neuro-Balance Therapy, you may regain your independence and safety against falls in a matter of days.


The price is flexible, depending on the quantity ordered by each customer. Recent (before shipping and handling costs) rates are as follows:

  • DVD + Digital + Free Bonuses + 1 Spike Ball Physical DVD $47.00 each
  • Package Includes 2 Discs, 2 Spike Balls, Digital Copy, and Free Extras $38.50 each


The Neuro-Balance Treatment Package also includes these two Bonus:

Benefit No. 1: Fault-Proofing Your House

This concise report will help you safeguard your house and was written by Chris Wilson. Whether you live alone or with others, this brief article will provide you with twenty useful suggestions for keeping yourself secure.
People like our 20-item checklist because it allows them to feel safe and secure in their homes.

As a second bonus, you’ll get access to the online Neuro-Balance Therapy programme.

You will not only get the DVD and Nerve-Wakeup spike ball, but you will also be given access to the members-only section where you may view films and download them to your PC or laptop.
Users who would rather read than watch movies may access PDFs in the members’ area. These PDFs are brief, so you may print them off and read them offline whenever you choose.
This means that you may get knowledge about the peroneal nerve and get started on these balance-improving exercises immediately after purchasing them online rather than waiting for the actual product to be delivered to your door.

Summary: Neuro Balance Therapy

Stop going to chiropractors, physiotherapists, and surgeons if it costs you over a thousand dollars each time!

Even if you’re bedridden with a terminal illness, you can still benefit from Neuro-Balance Therapy since it’s a simple device that everyone can use.

This package has everything you need to be tall and powerful on your feet, plus more. People are relieved to have this product as an alternative to traditional medical care and pharmaceuticals because of its high quality.

So, without delay, do this 10-second ritual to restore your loved ones’ sense of self-assurance and strength, and watch as their lives are transformed.


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Sarah Shoemaker

Sarah Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD spent several years working in various dietetic roles and settings, including research, public health, dialysis, and acute care. Sarah became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in 2013, while completing her Master of Science degree at The University of Southern Mississippi.