New monkeypox cases decline: Latest Report!

The number of monkeypox infections reported globally in the week beginning August 15 decreased, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Infections decreased by 21%, however the current outbreak has been associated with more than 41,000 cases and 12 fatalities.

Then, on August 30, the WHO declared that the monkeypox outbreak in Europe could be contained, citing indications that the number of cases is decreasing in some of the afflicted nations.

On August 30, Texas reported the first death from monkeypox in the US. A person with severe immunodeficiency died.

The COVID-19 vaccination booster injection against the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of Omicron is being sought after by Moderna for US approval. It follows the UK’s endorsement of the bivalent booster candidate.

The British researchers who led one of the significant COVID-19 therapy studies have shifted their attention to anti-monkeypox medications. The Oxford University group behind the so-called RECOVERY study, which focused on four efficient COVID treatments, presented a new experiment on August 23 named PLATINUM to determine whether tecovirimat from SIGA Technologies is a reliable monkeypox treatment.

Early in August, health officials discovered the polio virus in New York City’s wastewater, indicating local spread of the disease. Unvaccinated New Yorkers were urged by authorities to become immunised. Read this explanation from Reuters to learn more about polio.

A human clinical research testing a new Lyme disease vaccine has entered its third phase. The firms behind the jab would probably apply for official authorisation in 2025 if this stage is successful. It would eventually become the only Lyme disease vaccination for people available in the US.

According to a recent study, short bursts of everyday activity may be more advantageous than prolonged sessions of infrequently spaced out exercise.

According to a significant new study, roughly 44% of all cancer deaths globally are caused by risk factors like smoking, consuming alcohol, being overweight, and other risk factors.

According to a recent WHO and UNICEF report, essential hygienic amenities including water, soap, and alcohol-based hand massage are absent in half of healthcare facilities around the world where patients receive treatment.

According to data on Chinese adults, by the end of the decade, 9 million incidents of stroke and heart attack might be avoided with a daily salt intake reduction of just 1 gramme.

According to recent studies, engaging in social, recreational, and educational activities helps prevent cognitive impairment brought on by Alzheimer’s disease.

218 of the 375 human diseases examined in a recent study may get worse due to climate change.


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