US President Joe Biden claims that the COVID pandemic is over

American Joe Biden has declared that the coronavirus pandemic is over. President Biden stated that the pandemic was finished during the “60 Minutes” interview with CBS News, despite the fact that the government was still tackling numerous issues and working on numerous fronts.

The pandemic, according to President Biden, has ended because no one was wearing masks and everyone appeared to be in good health. He added that the Detroit Auto Show, which was restarted after a three-year break, was a prime illustration of how things were getting back to normal.

However, thousands of new instances of COVID-19 are still being recorded worldwide, making Biden’s assertion overly hopeful. A pandemic, as defined by the National Institutes of Health, is an epidemic that spreads across numerous nations and affects a sizable population. According to this criteria, the pandemic still appears to be active despite having slowed down.

At least 493,000 cases of COVID-19 were active worldwide on Saturday, according to an NPR investigation. Experts believe many patients missed undetected despite the fact that thousands of new issues were submitted every day. The research also verified that between August 17 and September 17, at least 19.4 million instances of COVID-19 were registered globally.

Japan continues to maintain strict travel regulations despite a 29% rise in positive cases over the last 30 days. Local authorities continue to restrict entry to Japan for lone travellers, which lowers the number of visitors to the nation. Additionally, people who are unvaccinated must take a required COVID-19 test within 72 hours of entering the nation.

Significant increases in covid-19 detections were also seen in Taiwan (20%) and Hong Kong (19%), and between August 17 and September 17, the United States recorded roughly 2.5 million positive reports of the deadly virus. Additionally, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have relaxed the limitations and established similar standards for people who have received vaccinations and those who have not, no important institution or authority has declared the pandemic.


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